I wish to say this in Japanese, please help
  • I'm struggling with how to say this sentence in Japanese:
    "When you say that you wish to have a good talk one time, do you mean in real life?"

    It's in response to: いつかじっくりと話したいです。

    If someone knows how (or almost knows how) to translate this I would be very grateful.

    I've been thinking something along the lines of:

    Something's still feels a little off (or very), I'm not sure. 
  • 「あなたは」談笑したければ実生活と言うのですか?
  • Thank you! The extent to which you can shorten a sentence in Japanese always fascinate me.
  • And by the way:

    1) The と particle, when playing a conditional, is used to express natural consequence (like english "if X happens, Y happens" conditional) or a natural consequence from sender's point of view.

    2) There is no [PLACE]にと construction. For example:

    About going tomorrow, do you mean (going) to school?

    In this kind of sentences there is no need to use に before と. The directional "to" is already implied.

    And yes ... it fascinates me too : D
  • I see! I still have a problem with making my sentences unnecessary long to get to the point. But it's a fun process.
    Thanks again! 参考になりました!
  • I would just say


    If you want it to be more formal just add a ですか on the end.
  • Hello. I'm a new Japanese member called Hirashin.


    That should be:


    That doesn't make any sense.

  • ひらしん:

    英語の掲示板とかには普通は直してくれる日本人が一人もいないからそういうこと(外人が間違った日本語を教える)があります。 :3


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