What does the conjugation "っちゃったら" mean?
  • From "満足しきっちゃったら".

    I'm also having trouble translating the sentence "熱中しちゃってましだ"...

    Any help appreciated ^^
  • しきる→しきってしまう→しきっちゃう→しきっちゃったら

    熱中しちゃってましだ, would be:
  • Ah, thank you.
  • 「熱中しちゃってましだ」→ 「熱中してしまっていました」
    It means: "Was enthusiastic."

    The ちゃって (しまって) part makes it sound like an unwanted thing, and ました (いました) indicates that the person was in a state of being enthusiastic. So, very literally I would write it as "Enthusiasm did (unintentionally) and existed."

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