All Common Words
  • Would there be a way to get all common words in a list, or to somehow return a search with all common words? Thanks.
  • Well, Tae would make such list. It's just one query.
  • Is there some special purpose you need this list for or some special format you require? You could just download the edict as text-file and filter for the "common tag", eg as I did here:

    cat "edict" | grep "(P)" > edict_common
  • What I want to do is make a massive flashcard deck in iFlash... This is a good start. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

  • I took a quick look at their website and from this screenshot it would seem you can create a deck from a simple text file, and that there may be more than "2 sides". How do you want the layout of your deck, what should be on which side?
  • Keep in mind though, that the "common word" indicator isn't always spot on, and there's lots of words that are marked as common but arguably aren't, especially compared to some words that aren't marked but should be :)
  • I was able to parse the file correctly. I separated cards by line breaks, and card sides by a space and a slash or something like that. works great.

    that's too bad about the common word thing... guess there's nothing i can do about it though.
  • There are a lot of free decks on the internet that have plenty of cards for you to start with. For me, an important part of the learning process is entering the cards in the first place. Once you get in a groove of that, you'll find you can put in way more material than can study.

    If you do it for a while, it just becomes another habitual part of your language study. Don't let it get you down. :)
  • It depends what you mean by common. I think the "common word" indicator in EDICT came originally from a study of newspaper articles, so you can expect it to be weighted towards written language, and economic/political words that wouldn't be common in other situations.

    If you looked at what words were common in video games, or in conversations people have while out drinking, those are likely to be different sets of words again.
  • Do you guys have any lists of other common words? They'd be much appreciated...

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