Day to day motivation
  • A simple question, just like the title says, how do you get yourself to study daily (maybe not daily but at least at a regular interval) and since this is a japanese dictionary website so its about studying japanese.

    For me right now im procrastinating like crazy and i just cant seem to get my laziness.. well... to go away. That, and compounded by the fact that im studying on my own, well lets just say that it has an impact on my sense of self-responsibility (or lack thereof).

    So what about you guys? especially those that learn by themselves, perhaps you can inspire me to get back to studying? :P
  • Use a spaced repetition system (SRS) for all your vocabulary and basic grammar learning. They are flashcards that drive themselves. The only thing you have to do is launch the program. The software takes care of the rest, and for me I am able to learn material fast enough that I never feel bad about my progress or lack thereof.

    I use Anki -

    Add new stuff to it every day and open the program every day. Up to and including that, it's up to you. You have to find a reason to study (studying on its own won't do it. You will stop and probably not start again, because you will naturally use your free time for things you care more about.)

    If you live in a big city or near a university, you can probably find a Japanese person who is willing to trade Japanese help for English help.

    Good luck!
  • haha.. yeah i learn materials fast enough too, unless its something thats really complicated or confusing. But maintaining said progress is whats difficult for me.. :P
  • Personally, I think it's helpful if you set clear goals, as well as having study materials you enjoy. For example, to go through one section of a book per day, or spend 30 minutes a day reading.
  • I've found that having a clear goal and being able to measure my progress has helped a lot. That was easy when I was taking a class, but after graduating college I floundered around for several months. I've been using Heisig's book with Anki for a few months, and found that just having some objective way of knowing I've made progress has been encouraging enough that I haven't found it too hard to study almost every day.
  • Yeah, I'm the same. I like using Anki because it's a measure of progress. Instead of thinking, "Oh man, I need to study vocab and do some reading" I can mentally frame it as "Oh man, I need to launch Anki."

    The latter takes a great deal less energy, and I can basically trick myself into drilling vocab while getting reading practice from researching new words and grammar to enter in my deck.

    On the subject of an SRS, in my opinion it's basically the only way to learn kanji without wasting lots of time. That also generates good feedback when I find myself able to read things with fewer and fewer words I have to look up!
  • hmm.. so i suppose i need to have a goal...
    well maybe i do, just maybe i wasnt as determined as i was back then to achive that goal and it spiraled down to being very lazy.

    oh and i do have anki and i use it. Basically i stuff any new vocab i come across to (while browsing the internet, manga, something i heard on tv, etc) into it. But thats just it... too.. lazy.. to launch anki, because then i know i'll be studying.. hahaha.

    speaking of which, what were everyone here's reason for studying japanese? (since we're talking about goals, im kinda curious). One of my reasons, is because i've been exposed to anime/manga (translated to my native language) since i was.. 6 years old. A little bit after that i started downloading stuff off of the internet on my own (especially anime), and not long after that.. i wanted to study/live/stay in japan. The last part was made even worse when every time i went to america i need to transit to narita. I would lookout the window (i was still a little kid) to see the city outside the airport wondering what it was like out there. I suppose you could see my eyes glimmering like in mangas (well maybe not), but you get the feeling...

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