what is the meaning of dou kangaetemitemo ?
  • can any one explain this japanese sentence ? Thank you.
  • 如何 - In what way
    考えて - te-form of "to think about", joined with:
    見て - literally "to see", used with te-forms of another verb it means "[let's take a look and] try [it] out", with the part in brackets trying to illustrate how you could make sense of this usage given the original meaning of the verb.
    も - signifies addition, here it works together with the verb and どう to mean "in whatever way the verb action is done, ..."
    In effect, the sentence translates to "However I try to think about it, ..." or "No matter how I think about it... [eg ',I just can't understand.']"
  • I think I get the meaning. Thank you.

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