This phrase : っぅわぁ
  • Hey there! Saw this on Facebook by a friend's Japanese friend 「っぅわぁ。 怖い。」. I know 怖い means scary.

    I've seen words like this before... I would guess it's some sort of on onomatopoeia... but I don't know how to pronounce the small っぅ and have no idea what it means.

    Thankyou much!
  • Long `u`.
  • a soukon can indicate a geminate consonant or a glottal stop. (stopping the air with your glottis, part of your throat)
    using it at the beginning of a word is not proper orthography but it's used informally.
    it would be a sudden or more forceful start to the airflow. it looks like your friend is using to indicate the exclamation or intensity of how he would be saying the sound had he been speaking.

  • its "uwaa" kinda like "woah" in english

    but obviously this is not the surprised woah like...... woah.
  • っぅわぁ。
    It's like, yeah, woah, or I don't know if it's correct, "whoaaaa!"

    absolutely gramatically wrong spelling in Japanese, but it makes the word more expressive.
    More you see in the conversation in between young people.

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