Looking around for a denshi jiten with a giant screen!
  • Hello all

    Dad's denshi jiten has finally died and he has asked me to try and find him a possible replacement. He might prefer a tablet and stylus arrangement hooked up to his pc with some dictionary software, and if such a combination were feasible without losing out on functions currently available to him, I would like to suggest this to him. So I thought I'd ask forum members for a bit of advice.

    Dad has been using denshi jiten for many years now but is finding it harder to view characters on a small screen. In addition he uses the Windows Global IME pad and the Denshi Jisho- Online Japanese Dictionary on his pc.

    He misses the denshi jiten because he could use a stylus to draw in a character and look it up in a variety of dictionaries and encyclopaedias including Kojien. At the moment he is using the Windows global IME pad because he can use his mouse to get a magnified view of any particular kanji in a grid, as well as The Denshi Jisho - Online dictionary (this is especially useful because he can look up characters using ideographic elements other than the associated radical, and find examples of use in sample sentences).

    Modern portable denshi jisho would be almost perfect if only the tablet size and screen were larger (for drawing and perusing kanji). It would be even better if there were also some facility of looking up obscure kanji using parts of the character that are not necessarily the radical, by partially drawing in a character with a stylus.

    Does anyone know of a solution that would combine the qualities of handwriting recognition and access to detailed encyclopaedic entries with enhanced ease of viewing?

    In short I am looking for a way for him to still have the same resources as before but not have to squint his eyes.

    Many thanks for any help

  • Personally, I can recommend Casio's new dictionaries: I have taken a picture from the one I own, look here:
    There are three font sizes one can dynamically adjust while browsing, the image shows the largest font size with a scale on the bottom [the numbers indicate millimeters]. It also has backlight and a bright, readable contrast (the image was taken with the lowest setting for backlight). It has handwriting input, the whole screen is a touchscreen where you can write on. This particular dic is called EX-word DATAPLUS 5 XD-A10000, but there is a series of these dics that only differ in which dics they have installed.
    Look here: http://casio.jp/exword/
    Note that IIRC the newest models from 2011 have a somewhat smaller max font size, there is absolutely no need to get the very latest models, though.
  • Thank you very much blutorange

    That is valuable information to be given and I greatly appreciate the photo with scale.

    Those Casio dictionaries look like just the thing (I hadn't realised you could write on the actual screen!) and I shall post again when dad has made his choice.

    Thank you again for your kind advice and for taking the trouble to upload a photograph of your own device's display.

    Much obliged,

  • Don't worry, it just takes a few secs taking the shots
    Handwriting Input looks like this:
    There's also a software keyboard (which I'm not using since the hardware one is faster):
    And some dics (mainly the Jap-Jap ones, and those without English text) also have an even higher font size:
  • ...Even more pictures showing various screens from blutorange!
    That's brilliantly clear now.

    Thank you!

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