Japanese Manga in USA?
  • I was thinking it would be nice to practice reading Japanese by reading manga in Japanese, but I'm finding it quite hard to get in the USA. Everything I'm finding is in English. Does anyone know of a good source to buy Japanese-language manga?
  • I'm sure Amazon.co.jp will have it.

    But I am sure there are other venues. I doubt http://j-list.com/ is adequate though. ^^
  • Amazon.co.jp is kind of horrible now since they have stopped with "proper" shipping. You HAVE to pay for express shipping now, and it's extremely expensive. (Buy a book for 2 000 yen and pay 3 500 yen for shipping... awesome).

    But yeah, other than amazon.co.jp I knew few good sources.
  • I don't live in America, but I know the big Japanese book chain, Kinokuniya, has branches on the West Coast. It looks like you can order Japanese books there, but quite a lot of info is only in Japanese. On the other hand, I'm sure they can answer questions if you give them a call.

  • For future reference for anyone who views this post, there is also a bookstore called Book Off. It has lots of slightly used manga, magazines, books, games, movies, etc. There is manga in Japanese and in English. I'm not sure how many Book Off locations there are, but I know that they are both on the west and east coast of the US.
  • There's this girl sometimes that sells some manga in Japanese and comics/books. She's helpful and I have bought some stuff from her all the time. :D

  • I once ordered 10 volumes of 名探偵コナン from this shop:
    You can even buy used manga from them, which is quite a bit cheaper. Even though they're used, I don't think they look worse or anything. They also offer shipping via ship, which takes a long time, but is very cheap in exchange. Helpful if you're ordering many volumes.
  • You can read older manga free (ad-supported) at this site:
  • You can read tons of Japanese indie manga for free on this site


    From what I know its the biggest community for indie mangaka in Japan

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